How is personalization done?

The processing takes place with laser engraving.

How does it work?

The laser beam, piloted by a numerically controlled machine, scratches the surface of the glass making it opaque.

How many colors can be obtained?

One: satin white. Laser processing is an engraving technique and not a printing one; for this reason it does not provide the possibility of working in color.

What are the benefits?

Resistance: The laser processing is not a print applied to the glass, but an engraving made on the glass: it is therefore impossible to remove, scratch-proof, resistant to repeated washing in industrial dishwashers.
Economy: The laser processing allows you to customize both large quantities of glasses and small or very small batches.

For which products is it recommended?

The aesthetically fine and non-invasive laser engraving is suitable for customizing any glass item: glasses, mugs, cups but also decanters, ashtrays, bottles etc.

What kind of article does Logotec propose?

All the products in the Logotec catalog are Made in Italy and characterized by a professional level quality.

What if you want a glass or a decoration other than those proposed?

You can browse our complete catalog on the site or write to us at

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